Take control of your money

Payed makes it easy to optimize your spending, manage subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your financial life.

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financial control at your fingertips. You can download the app from the Apple store for iPhone users and Playstore for Android devices.


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Our simple and straight forward registration process gets you started in minutes. Our onboarding intelligence get's you started faster than ever before


Take Control

From there, you can setup your recurring bills and subscriptions, create your expense plans, save and get loans, and run your financial life effortlessly!

Your Financial Life, Taken care of completely

Payed effectively combines mobile banking capabilities with smart financial management solutions for everyday users. With unique features such as Cash Dispensary, Recurring Payment Automation, Bulk Transfers & Bills Payment etc.

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Expense Plans for Structured Payments and Expenses

You have the right expense plan template for all your needs, make repeatable structured funds transfer and bills payment with just a click. Create an expense plan for the job


Automate & Monitor Your Payments

Schedule payments to clients, vendors, and even staff salaries. With Payed, you can automate your payments, top up our wallet each month, and not worry about disbursements when due. Payed saves you valuable time, which ultimately saves you money.

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Control how you spend money

You need 5k daily to run your expenses? You want to give mum 10k on a weekly basis? lock an amount and set disbursement on autopilot using our cash dispenser feature.


Invite your Staff & Team mates to Collaborate

With Payed Collaborations, You can manage your finances as a team. Invite your staff, team mates or spouse and assign permissions as you see fit.

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“I've been using Payed since the beta version and I've come to depend on the expense plans to run my monthly expenses and the recurring feature to automatically take care of my loved ones”

Take control of your money

You won’t be joining bad company. Lots of people use Payed everyday to get transactions done.